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Regional Training on the Demand and Distribution of Water
In its continued efforts to tackle the matter of non-revenue water in light of climate change, WASCO proudly hosts a Regional Training on the Demand and Distribution of Water. This training, which forms a part of the CATS-supported consultancy on Institutional and Organisational Strengthening of WASCO and Regional Water Utilities, is implemented by experts of the CONSULAQUA-COMO Consortium.The four-day training, taking place from July 1st to 4th 2019, brings together almost 20 technicians and ha...
Launch of consultancy support project to WASCO and regional water utilities
In November 2018, the CATS Programme launched a major intervention together with the Saint Lucian Water and Sewerage Company, Inc. (WASCO). The project on "Institutional and Organisational Strengthening of WASCO and Regional Water Utilities" will support WASCO in strengthening its internal managerial, organisational and technical capacity in order to effectively and efficiently reduce Non-Revenue-Water (NRW), i.e. physical and commercial loss of water. The consultancy is designed as a mission-ba...

CATS on TV: What's Happening Now - With Laura

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CATS on TV: What's Happening Now - With Laura
On October 16th, 2018, the CATS programme took part in the Saint Lucian TV talk show "What's happening now - with Laura". Our CATS colleague Dr. Camille David, expert for coastal and marine systems, discussed with several stakeholders from the Soufriere Watershed in Saint Lucia, how sustainable management and development of a watershed can be achieved. Alongside Dr. David, important partners to the CATS programme were on the show, such as the GEF UNDP Small Grants Programme , IWEco, Fruitage Jeu...
Climate Change and the Water Sector in the Caribbean
Caribbean countries and other Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are among the most vulnerable to the effects of Global Climate Change. While contributing the least to the causes, small island states and low-lying countries have been the first to experience the impacts and will suffer the greatest consequences of this existential threat. The short documentary below highlights that these most affected countries are literally "running out of time and water." Action has to be taken immediately t...
Having recognized the importance and sensitivity of the Placencia Peninsula, the Government of Belize (GOB) agreed to a project to implement a wastewater (sewerage) system for the area. Due to the rapid development and population growth being experienced on the Peninsula, the potential for ground water contamination and pollution of the waters of the lagoon and the Caribbean Sea were predicted to intensify. The Government therefore commissioned two consultancies, a feasibility study and a det...
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