Sewage Solutions

St Mark Parish, Dominica is a focus area within the framework of the CATS Programme to enhance the adaptive capacity of rural economies and natural resources to climate change. The negative impact of unregulated sanitary sewage drainage in Soufriere was identified as highly critical. As a consequence, a mission was carried out end of October 2014 to address that issue and formulate sustainable solutions.

Younes Hassib, from GIZ’s “Sustainable Sanitation Solutions”-Programme assessed the sanitary solution along the Alumn Stream in Soufriere and developed four sewage solutions for this community. The objective to alleviate the problems for the households along the Alumn Stream and the marine environment can only be met with an integrated sanitation concept for Soufriere. This concept would have to advocate for an appropriate solution for handling the solid waste and for containing the wastewater quantities generated by the residents.

The mission’s report is available for download here.

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