St. Vincent & Grenadines: Good Agricultural Practices

The land based component of the Caribbean Aqua-Terrestrial solution (CATS) programme is focusing on the Marriaque-Valley in Saint Vincent. The proximity of this intensively used agriculture area to the south coast Marine Reserve impacts the marine ecosystem through its runoff. The main agriculture products of this area are dasheen, banana, plantain, and other root crops that are vastly grown on the slopes of the valley.

The activities of the CATS programme focus on awareness raising for good agricultural practices (GAP) and mechanisms to adapt to climate change for farmers. In this context the program supports the Communication unit of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Transformation, Industry, Forestry, and Fisheries with both equipment and training needs. The objective is to facilitate the recommencement of a series of agriculture television programmes and to bring more issues to the public. Further training sessions will help to improve competencies and awareness for the unit on environmental communication.

Additionally, a series of trainings on GAP is planned for agricultural teachers, farmer groups, and extension officers to improve agricultural production and support agricultural livelihoods initiatives in the Marriaqua-Valley and beyond.

The National Implementation Unit: The Windward Islands Farmers Association (WINFA), has been acting as the national implementation unit to facilitate stakeholder involvement and programme implementation through networking and dialogue.

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