Support to Soufriere Scotts Head Village Council and Fisheries Cooperative

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20190524_1204231The Soufriere Scotts Head Village Council has been one of CATS key partners within the Soufriere Scotts Head Marine Reserve (SSMR) Watershed in Dominica. Together, we have worked collaboratively on the Alums Stream Project, beach clean activities, community sensitization programs and well as support to fishermen and other interventions aimed at improving livelihood support and adaptation to climate change. This partnership continues to blossom and bear fruit. During CATS' most recent engagement, the council highlighted the urgent need for a laptop computer to enhance their operational capacity. CATS is pleased to donate a laptop computer and accessories to support the council in its work in the local communities. In the following weeks, the council plans to step up efforts to mobilize support towards reducing pollution discharge from Alum stream into the bay. A Public discussion forum and various community sensitization programs will take place. A steering committee will also be established to provide leadership. CATS will work with council and local community to address water quality problems in the bay. Mr. Weefers Jules, Chairman of the council, expressed gratitude to CATS for the computer and vowed to put it into good use.

20190524_1146052Meanwhile, the St. Mark Fishermen’s Cooperative with a membership of more than 70 registered fishers also received a computer and printer donation to assist with their day to day management of the cooperative and recording keeping. The assistance is part of GIZ ongoing support to St. Mark’s Cooperative in Dominica, which is aimed at addressing livelihood issues following the disastrous impact of Hurricane Maria on the fishing industry there. The manager of the cooperative expressed profound thanks to CATS for the support ding which he claims will enhance the key functions of the cooperative

CATS will also be supporting through provision of Fish Aggregating Devices (FAD) to replace those lost during Hurricane Maria. A container office facility will also be made available to the cooperative to improve working condition and efficiency.

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