CATS adoption of the Soufriere Primary School as a "Reef Guardian School"

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The Soufriere Primary School was on Wednesday April 26, 2017, officially adopted by the Caribbean Aqua- Terrestrial Solutions (CATS) and the German Development Cooperation (GIZ) as a reef guardian school. This school  will become the lead  primary institution for championing environmental education in Dominica. CATS aims to strengthen its partnership with the school  and develop capacity to execute a wide range of  projects that will positively impact the  environment. This collaboration also aims to help:

  1.  create awareness in the community
  2.  monitor environmental quality
  3.  restore affected  ecosystems
  4.  promote recycle and reuse of non biodegradable items
  5.  projects  at school to educate the  people in the community
  6.  Become the lead  school in  Dominica on  protecting the  land and sea  ecosystems

Students also participated in a  march  within the  community to help raise awareness of the importance on the  marine reserve and the  surrounding watershed. A number of  short addresses  were made to the mark the occasion.

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