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Public Service Announcement with soca superstar Mr. Killa (of "Rolly Polly" fame) on conserving our marine protected areas (MPAs)


In Grenada, the CATS Programme supports the sustainable development of the Molinière-Beauséjour Marine Protected Area (MBMPA). Particular emphasis is put on the consolidation of day-to-day operations capacities of the MPA, which are closely connected to its overall sustainable financial management.

800 2014 CATS C2 (C UW Wiedemeyer) 091

The Molinière-Beauséjour Marine Protected Area (MBMPA) is located on the south-west coast of the island of Grenada in the parish of St. George. The MBMPA is approximately 6 square kilometres, comprising the marine areas of the Beauséjour, Flamingo and Dragon Bays, and featuring fish, lobster and coral reefs, and is subject to sedimentation from erosion. It is one of four marine protected areas (MPAs) in Grenada.

Summary of the Management Objectives of the Molinière-Beauséjour Marine Protected Area (Government of Grenada, 2010)

In addition to supporting the general consolidation of managerial capacities with the Marine Protected Areas Unit of the Department of Fisheries, the CATS Programme assists Grenada and the MBMPA with the following:

  • Development and Implementation of the MBMPA Communication Strategy
  • MPA communication activities: PSA's, Billboard, Flyers & Brochures, Posters, Documentary, MPA Educational activities in schools and communities
  • Yacht and Dive Mooring Replacement and Repairs
  • Molinere-Beausejour two-week’s MPA Summer Camps 2014 and 2015
  • National Lionfish Action Plan (linked to Regional Lionfish Programme)
  • 27 ft. MPA Workboat and Trailer, VHF and Safety Equipment
  • 4-wheel Work Vehicle
  • Dive gear, Dive Compressor
  • Financial Support to IT Infrastructure and A/V & Communication Equipment for MPA promotion in Schools and Communities
  • Policy and Technical level Regional Cooperation and Exchange Programme
  • Review and Strategic Action Planning for Changes and Amendments of the National Legal and Organisational Framework for Sustainable Management of Marine Reserves in Grenada
  • Drafting and Amending Priority Legislation for the Sustainable Management of Marine Reserves in Grenada
  • MBMPA Business Development and Sustainable Financial Management, Marketing and Private-Sector (Tourism) Events
  • 800 2014 CATS C2 (C UW Wiedemeyer) 098
  • Biophysical and Biodiversity Monitoring Programme and Training at MBMPA
  • Regional Staff Exchange Programme on MPA Environmental Programmes
  • National/ Governance level Communication Events; Video Productions; Cabinet Presentations
  • Local Community, School and General Public-level Communication Events e.g. MPA Awareness Month
  • MBMPA Staff Capacity Development
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    CATS2 in Grenada - 19.08.2014 - Public Service Announcement with soca superstar Mr. Killa (of "Rolly Polly" fame) on the importance of marine protected areas (MPAs).
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MBMPA - Marine Ecosystems / Natural Resources
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MBMPA - Main Resources Uses Yachting
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