Dominica: Good Agricultural Practices

In Dominica, the Caribbean Aqua-Terrestrial Solutions (CATS) Programme focuses on the area covering the communities of Soufriere, Scott's. Head, and Gallion at the southern tip of the island. This area is marked by an old collapsed caldera with a narrow, almost flat valley and very steep slopes at its borders. The volcanic origin led to very fertile soils due to high levels of minerals. Farming is largely focusing on intercropping and a high share on tree crops. The farmers of this area are currently aiming at forming an organic farming cooperative with support through the CATS Programme.

In this effort, a water quality analysis had been conducted early in 2014, showing that agricultural activity is not critical for the water quality in the Alumn Stream. Furthermore, a participatory three-dimensional model (P3DM) had been realized through the Trinidad based NGO CANARI. This P3DM is being used to identify a strategic approach for the development of the agricultural and tourism sector in this area, hosting the first segment of the Waitukubli National Trail. For more information on the P3DM click here.

National Project Officer for CATS: Mr Brendan Defoe

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